I love making things and the joy of the free ride. From a young age I have enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together, particularly repairing mechanical objects like, toys, cars, clocks, motorbikes and bicycles.

So having retired from a very subjective field, I have decided to try my hand at running a bicycle restoration business.


I will lovingly restore that bicycle you have sitting somewhere or that belonged to someone special to you. I will bring it back to its former glory or modernise it in a way that works for you. Ultimately, the aim is to preserve the beauty and / or practicality of the original.

In addition, I offer wheel building and various technical solutions for any bicycle.


Visit my eBay shop for a variety of high end bicycle components.

I would love to hear from you with any enquiry you might have.


My Blog is mainly dedicated to bicycles and cycling which represent fun, freedom, and fresh air – simply, everything that is good about having a time of your life.



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Mr Wilkie’s feeling for metal


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